Cave Fay

Cave Fay was the end of year creation by my sister-in-law Stephanie for her Make-up course and she convinced my other sister-in-law Amanda to be her make-up model/victim LOL after her friend decided at the very last minute that she didn’t want to do it. I got roped in to do the photography and since Stephanie had been my model for photo shoots in the past, I was more than happy to help but Stephanie is pretty demanding when it comes to what she wanted, 1st off we scouted the location and I took a test shot to make sure it would work. I had to take several photos using a flash gun to light up different parts of the cave and overlay them and after taking the photograph on the day I added the special effect of the mist. As ever Amanda was a star during the very, very cold shoot and wasn’t even put off when a bunch of boys who gathered above the rocks behind us to watch 😉